General Information

I'm an artistic woodturner that specializes in the making of hollow forms, thin walled shapes which are hollowed through a small opening. My business is a sole proprietorship and I have no production assistants. All this work is individually handcrafted by me through the use of a wood lathe.

Generally, my hollow forms / bowls / plates are made from one solid piece of wood. This log section is turned while the moisture content of the wood is very high; this process is often referred to as "green" wood turning. The wood is examined to yield the best characteristics, and then it is chain sawed and / or band sawed to approximately the size needed. The outer shape of the form is established using the wood lathe and sharp tools.

Hollow Forms

To remove the wood inside the form, I use various types of high speed cutters that can swivel and that are attached to the end of a very sturdy steel bar and armbrace handle. Because the inside cannot be seen through the small opening, I need to use extreme care to achieve uniformly thin side walls. Hollow forms may be finished turned on the first turning but most often I "multiple" turn to reduce excessive distortion. See below for more information.


Most often I "twice" turn my bowls / plates. The first turning leaves the piece with wall thickness from about one inch to nearly two inches, depending on the size and type of wood. Through a careful process, I dry the turning until the wood is stabilized. During this period of drying the bowl /plate changes shape, often very noticeably. Next I "second" turn, or dry turn, the piece. Once dry, the bowl / plate will move very little and will maintain the shape it was given on this second turning. The finishes used are food safe but may need a few drops of mineral oil applied to the inside of the bowl to maintain a shine. This is done only for cosmetic value for the finish I use will protect the wood even if the finish appears dull from use. Most paste waxes work well on outside bowl surfaces.