Gene Guinter

Adult Alternative Instrumental Guitar

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FULL DESERT SUN Too Tightly Strung

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While I strive for my own sound, I've been influenced through the years by these great guitarists: Carlos Santana- Seeing him play Soul Sacrifice at a young age is probably what got me started. Peter Frampton- The end of Do You Feel Like I Do was one of my favorite jam solos growing up. Trey Anastasio- (Phish)- He's adventurous. Joe Satriani- Different modes and scales. Eric Johnson- His guitar sounds way too cool.
"Gui" in "Guinter" sounds just like "gui" in "guitar".
Thanks to family and friends who provided support and feedback on demos.
Special thanks to Chris Ungard for saying, "Hey dude, you should sell some of your tunes".
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