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UPDATE 7-OCT-07: I figured it's only been about eight years or so since I updated this page, so I may as well give it a remodel. Hopefully I don't receive any nasty emails from ProLog that there is some obscure word with a hidden sexual overtone or some language that a busy-body soccer mom finds offensive like last time I attempted an update. Although I can't fault ProLog if some fool happens to choose them as an ISP.

I'm always up for a good project, and here is my latest. It is a four-wheel-drive, four-wheel-steer, motorized wagon of sorts.

Needless to say, a variety of tools are required to fabricate such crazy things, so here are some of mine.

A few older items from the original web page. I like them, so I left them here for now.

Some fun we had right after we moved into our house back in 1997 and did a little remodelling. Back then there was no burning ban, but the local fire and police departments still weren't very happy with us.

I happen to have a salt water aquarium, and one time a joke got out of hand so I set up this silly web site.

lxtMy favorite instrument is the BANJO. If you need to ask, you wouldn't understand.

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