Over the past two years, the number and quality of Diabetes related pages on the Web has exploded. When you combine this with the presence of mailing lists and newsgroups (such as MISC.HEALTH.DIABETES) there would seem to be no real need for yet another Diabetes page. This page is not an attempt to replace, supplant or compete with those resources already in operation on the Web. for diabetics. Rather, it is a response to the reality that most of these resources are heavily slanted to the problems,needs and issues of the Type I insulin dependent diabetic. Those of us who are blessed with Type IIr diabetes, and its related issues, such as Syndrome X are less well represented, if at all. This page is an attempt to provide such a resource for the Type IIr individual. The page is divided into two sections. The first section is intended to be a dynamic feature containing a series of editted discussions that a number of us have been having on topics of specific interest to Type IIr's, while the second section consists of a series of links to sites which have information which is of interest to Type II diabetics. Your views, opinions and link recommendations are welcomed, so if you wish to contribute to this page, you may do so. The organizer of this page can be E-mailed at: hwagner@postoffice.ptd.net


The contents of this page consist entirely of the personal opinions of the participants of the discussions quoted or are those of the organizer of this page. NOTHING IN THIS PAGE REPRESENTS MEDICAL INFORMATION, MEDICAL OPINION OR TREATMENT RECOMMENDATONS! Nothing that you read in this page has any medical validity whatsoever. Do not use anything you read in this page as the basis for the treatment of diabetes or any other medical condition you may have. Always discuss any changes in your treatment regimen with your professional medical care provider before implementing them.

I would like to take this opportunity to apologize for the lack of ongoing maintenance of this site for the previous year.
Personal and business matters were such that I did not have sufficient time resources to properly research and write
new material for this site, and so I had to let it coast on its own for a bit.  That bit turned out to be far longer than I
anticipated it to be.  I am now in a position to devote a little more time to the care and feeding of this web site, and I
will certainly try to respond more promptly and completely to the numerous inquiries this site generates.  I would like
to thank all of the readers who have shown an interest in this site, and I appreciate the notes many of you have sent
expressing encouragement for the site and concern for the long period between updates.

Discussions About Type 2R - Experiences and Opinions

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