Over the Edge





Right on Lake Wallenpaupack... Near various recreation sites...Close to several ski slopes...Enjoy year-round activities or just relax and enjoy the Lake.


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For more information, contact us at tnpmommy@yahoo.com



View from the Lake                   View from the deck                   Front of the house



Queen Bedroom 1                      Queen Bedroom 2                      Queen Bedroom 3



Twin Bedroom 1                        Twin Bedroom 2                        Enclosed Porch



Finished Basement                     TV Area of Basement                 Deck Overlooking Lake



Lake Area                                  Kitchen                                  Livingroom


For more information contact us at tnpmommy@yahoo.com


Lake Wallenpaupack is owned by PP&L. They keep about a 40' strip of land all around the Lake. This strip of land is ferociously guarded. Permits are required to do anything on that strip and permanent structures are never permitted. The previous owner built an enclosed porch, which extended more than 3' Over the Edge on to PP&L property. In order to purchase the property we had to promise PP&L we would cut the porch back so it would not be Over the Edge. That's why the porch has a distinctive shape now and gave us a perfect name for our Lakefront retreat!