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LunchMath™ Tip Calculator

LunchMath is a unique tip calculator program. It gives you more flexibility than any other tip calculator we've seen!

LunchMath handles all the money combinations that people struggle with whenever a group needs to split a bill. When calculating in their head, someone ends up either paying too much or not enough. LunchMath fixes that problem!

Of course, LunchMath does what every basic tip calculator SHOULD do. LunchMath allows you to:

  • Enter the total bill amount.
  • Enter the number of people splitting the bill.
  • Choose the tip percentage.
  • See all of the values update as you change the tip percentage so you can see the effects of your changes instantly.
  • Round up to the nearest 25 cents making it easier to split the bill.
  • Show the total amount that needs to be paid.
  • Show the tip amount so you know how much to leave at the table or put on a credit card slip.

Unlike other tip calculators, LunchMath also allows you to:

  • Enter the amount of one person's meal if their meal was more or less expensive than everyone else's and calculate the tax and tip based on their meal's cost.
  • Enter a difference amount from everyone else's meal. For example: you know that one person's meal cost $5 more or less than everyone else's. And of course it can calculate the tax and tip on this difference amount.
  • See the change that people should get back based on how much money they put in (or amount they need to borrow).

    In addition,
  • LunchMath is an iPhone/iPodTouch application that does not require an Internet connection! Simply install LunchMath, and start managing your meal costs - even at your favorite ski chalet restaurant.
  • LunchMath always wants you to enter the total bill amount - but if you also enter the subtotal, LunchMath figures out the tax rate. It then calculates the tip based on the subtotal and takes both the tax and tip rates into consideration when calculating adjusted values.
  • LunchMath can adjust for discounts and coupons.


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