Landscape Value

Large Deciduous Trees:Acer rubrum - red mapleShade, street treeRed to yellow fall color, silver bark

Fagus grandifolia - American beechStately specimen treewith golden yellow fall color, silver bark

Pyrus calleryana `Bradford' - Bradford pearTough ornamental tree with white flowers and purple fruit

Quercus alba - white oakLarge specimen treeBrandy red fall colorExfoliating bark

Quercus palustris - pin oakPyramidal specimen treeBronze fall color

Quercus coccinea - scarlet oakRounded, upright tree with red fall color

Salix elegantissima - weeping willowGraceful weeping treeTolerant of wet areas

Small Deciduous Trees & Large Shrubs:

Amelanchier canadensis - shadblow serviceberryDelicate understory tree with white flowers and red fruit

Betula papyrifera - white birchSpecimen tree withwhite bark and yellow fall color

Crataegus phaenopyrum - Washington hawthornSmall ornamental tree with white flowers and orange fruit

Evergreen Trees:

Juniperis virginiana - Eastern red cedarColumnar, upright tree. Good for screenings, borders

Picea abies - Norway spruceGraceful tree with pendulous branchesGood for screening

Picea glauca - white spruceUpright, pyramidal tree with light green needles

Picea omorika - Serbian spruceNarrow, pyramidal tree with dark green needles

Picea orientalis - Oriental spruceSlow growing, stately tree with dark green needles

Picea pungens - Colorado spruceUpright, pyramidal tree with blue to green needles. Good specimen

Pinus cembra - Swiss stone pineHandsome, slow growing tree. Good for accenting and backgrounds

Pseudotsuga menziesii - Douglas FirExcellent tree for use as specimen or for groupings

Evergreen Shrubs:

Berberis julianae - Wintergreen barberryLow growing shrub with yellow flowers and purple fruit.

Ilex crenata - Japanese hollyCompact growing shrubwith fine texture and rounded habit.

Ilex glabra - InkberryGood plant for massing and naturalizing. Forms dark green background

Juniperis procumbens nana - Japanese garden juniperGreat for edging, rock gardens, and ground cover

Leucothoe axillaris - drooping leucothoeShade loving, massing shrub. Good for woodland settings

Picea abiesÿ`Nidiformis' -birds nest spruceCompact, slow growing shrub with consistent habit

Picea glauca conica - Alberta spruceDwarf, slow growing shrub with pronounced conical form.

Picea pungens `R. H. Montgomery'-Dwarf, strikingly blue shrub with compact habit

Pieris floribunda - mountain andromedaLow, rounded shrub with white flowers and attractive fruits

Pieris japonica - japanese andromedaWorks good as a back drop for other shrubs White flowers andshiny green leaves

Pinus mugo - mugo pineCompact, dense growing shrub. Superb rock garden plant.

Deciduous Shrubs:

Berberis thunbergii atropurpurea - japanese barberryCompact growing shrub with reddish foliage and thorny twigs

Comptonia peregrina - sweet fernGreat plant for waste areas. Can take poor conditions

Cotoneaster apiculata - cranberry cotoneasterAll cotoneasters in general are fairly deer resistant and can

Cotoneaster horizontalis - rockspray cotoneaster form a densegroundcover or can be used in a rock garden

Cotoneaster dammeri - bearberry cotoneaster

Euonymus alatus compactus - burning bushCompact growing shrub with brilliant red to orange fall color

Lindera benzoin - spice bushNaturalizing plant with yellow flowers and yellow fall color

Myrica pensylvanica - bayberrySmall shrub for massing in poor areas.

Potentilla fruticosa - bush cinqufoilLow growing plant with yellow to orange flowers Very durable plant

Spiraea x bumaldaÿ `Anthony Waterer' - Anthony WatererSpireaLow, rounded shrub with persistent purple flowers

Spiraea x vanhouttei - Vanhoutte spireaLarge massing shrub with white flowers and deep red fall color

Ground Covers, Vines:

Arctostaphylos uva-ursi - bearberryLow, groundcover with white flowers and red fruit

Tagetes- marigold (Annual)Annual bedding plant with yellow, orange or mahogany flowers

Festuca ovina var. glauca - blue fescueLow growing ornamental grass with blue color.

Phalaris arundinacea var. picta - ribbon grassVariegated ornamental grass that spreads with rhizomes.


Iris sibirica - siberian irisGrasslike perennial with purple to pink flowers

Stachys byzantina - lambs earLow growing perennial with silver foliage

Ornamental grasses:

Calamagrostis x acutiflora `Karl Foerster' - Feather Reed grassUpright growing with plumes of flowers in August.

Miscanthus sinensis - miscanthusThere are many cultivars of Miscanthus. All have their own traits.

Pennisetum alopecuroides - fountain grassFine textured grass with narrow blades. Very reliable plant.

Copyright: 1995 Jeff Chorba