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The Aquatic Gardeners Association and similar deals

The AGA is an international organization of aquatic plant enthusiasts, which appeals to both beginners and experienced hobbyists alike. The AGA produces a bi-monthly journal called The Aquatic Gardener. This is the only English language journal devoted primarily to aquarium plants. AGA members receive a subscription to TAG and all special publications. Members also can purchase hard to find aquarium plant books. If this sounds interesting visit their site.
There is a mailing list for aquatic gardeners called the Aquatic Plants Discussion Group. Many of the participants are members of the AGA, but it is not a prerequisite to join. Visit the site to look through the archives of the Aquatic plants list, just search the site, or join the list.
AGA Members pages
George and Karla Booth Great tanks done to the Dupla style. Lots to learn here.
Steve Pushak is the technical advisor for the AGA and maintains a List of Aqautic plant growers. He also has written some articles on substrate additives. Check out his page.

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