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Botia compairson pic Here are a few pictures of different Botia I have. These 4 fish are commonly confused for one another. I think the pictures can help clear up some confusion. But remember there are always variations. Some differences are just typical fish to fish, some are due to age, and some to regional variations.

Note the rostrata has distinct pairs of vertical stripes where the histrionica has single lines. The histrionica's stripes are usually a lot more solid, while they may have some holes in them. Usually the center stripe on the histrionica is toped with a Y shape that goes around the dorsal fine. When the rostrata is young there are more lines connecting the vertical stripes that makes it look more like a ladder. At one point young rostrata were thought to be a species of their own and named Botia geto. More recently the geto was removed, and only rostrata remains.

With the pictures together on one page I think the differences stand out more. I think the dario and striata stand out pretty well as very different then the other two.

Some further confusion is created or perpetuated by the fact that some books incorrectly identify these loaches. Beanch for one is wrong with the callout of a geto. Axelrod for example mislabeled a histrionica as a dario. So don't always believe what you read.

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