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Here is an excerpt from The Master List!.

This is just the Botia section and I cut out the pointers to the books. I offer this as a listing of commonly found loaches and the different accepted names they go by. If you need more info, follow the links above and please give him all the credit.

Here are some other loach links from within the Master list:

Cobitis - Nemacheilus - Leptobotia - Barbatula - Weather Loaches - Kuhlii Loach

Botia almorhae "Yellow-Fin Botia"
Botia beauforti "Beauforti's Loach" "Beaufort's Loach"
Botia berdmorei Botis berdmori) Syncrossus berdmorei "Polkadot Botia"
Botia birdi
Botis berdmori See Botia berdmorei
Botia curata
Botia caudapunctata
Botia dario Botia macrolineata, Cobitis dario "Bengal Loach", Queen Loach
Botia dayi
Botia eos "Sun Loach"
Botia fasciata Parabotia fasciatus, Cobitis xanthi, Botia multifasciata, Leptobotia intermedia, Leptobotia hopeiensis, Cobitis zanthi, Parabotia fasciolata `Ringelschmerle`
Botia geto See Botia Rostrata
Botia helodes "Banded Loach" "Tiger Loach" `Tigerschmerle`
Botia hirdi See Botia geto
Botia histrionica Botia hirdi, "Ladder Loach" Botia histronica
Botia horae See Botia morleti
Botia horae, Botia modesta ? "Hora's Loach" "Cream Botia" `Horas Schmerle `Aalstrichschmerle`
Botia hymenophysa "Banded Loach" "Tiger Loach"
Botia lecontei "Le Conti's Loach" "Red-Finned Loach" "Red-Tailed Blue Shark"
Botia lochata See Botia lohachata
Botia longidorsalis
Botia lohachata Botia lochata, "Pakistani Loach" "Pakistani Shark `Netzschmerle`
Botia lucas bahi "Barred Loach"
Botia macracantha See Botia macracanthus
Botia macracanthus Botia macracantha, Botia macracantha, Botia macracantha,
Botia macracantha, Botia macracantha, Botia macranthus, Botia macracantha, Bymenophysa macracantha, Cobitis macracanthus "Clown Loach" "Tiger Botia" `Prachtschmerle`
Botia macranthus See Botia macracanthus
Botia macrolineata See Botia dario
Botia modesta Botia rubripinnis "Orange-Finned Loach" "Blue Botia" `Grüne Schmerle`
Botia modesta ? See Botia morleti
Botia morleti See Botia horae,
Botia multifasciata See Botia fasciata
Botia nebulosa See Acanthocobitis botia
Botia pupurea
Botia pulchripinnis "Red-Finned Loach"
Botia reversa
Botia robusta Barbula robusta, Nemacheilus robustus `Kansuschmerle`
Botia rostrata Botia hirdi, Schistura geto, Cobitis geta, Cobitis geto, "Ladder Loach", Sergeant Major Loach
Botia rubipinnus Red-Finned Loach"
Botia rubrilabris See Leptobotia rubrilabris
Botia rubripinnis See Botia modesta
Botis selangorica See Nemacheilus selangoricus
Botia sidthimunki "Dwarf Loach" "Chain Botia" `Zwergschmerle` `Schachbrettschmerle`
Botia splendida
Botia supercilliaris
Botia striata Botia weinbergi "Zebra Loach" "Striped Botia"
Botia strigata See Botia striata
Botia superciliaris Sinbotia superciliaris `Spitzkopfschmerle`
Botia taenia See Cobitis taenia taenia
Botia variegata ? See Leptobotia elongata
Botia variegata See Leptobotia rubrilabris
Botia weinbergi See Botia striata

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