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baby cas

Here is a link to the Dog section of the photo Album.

Bumper is the king of the house (or so he thinks) and Cas is our lap Dobi.
Bumper and Cassidy together
Bumper as a puppy and another Puppy Pic
Cassidy as a puppy
A scary Cassidy But she has her GOOFY side to!!

In case you were wondering why we would bye a dog like Cas here is what we first saw. Here are a couple more pictures of Cas as a puppy. And another shot of bumper as a puppy. Here is Bumper is just keeping and eye on his territoryoutside.and inside Cas loves to play, and will do so with anyone like her friend Justice . Some times they can get a little ruff though, but all in fun. Here is Bumper and Cas trying to decide who gets to play with the new Christmas toy first. Sometimes they argue over the smallest things. It is hard to remember that Cas used to look like this, now that she's like she is now.
Who ever said cats and dogs don't get along, and here is what the thought after the flash.

All right, here is the first picture of Chloe , I caught her resting and had to take the picture. God is she so SO cute. Her and Cas Love to Play, but they had to check each other out first. And after any hard play secession she needs to rest, but soon it will be play time again.

My mother in law loves Golden Retrievers so I though since everyone loves puppies here are some of her, very cute golden puppy pictures:

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