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Our Fish Tanks
Here are the details and photos of our 6 tanks.

Conversion Factors and Helpful Information
Nutrient Deficiencies
Included are temp, volume, and area conversions, CO2 tables, charts and more.
Here is a table with deficiencies symptoms as seen in plants.
Friends tanks
Informational links
Here are a few links to online fish tanks and personal web sites.
Here are a few informational links I have found very helpful
Here is a little of what I have put together regarding Lighting of a plant tank. There are a few links to a lot of bulb data.
Here is a little something of my views on fertilizers.
General fish links
Here is a section that again was spurred for the many questions in this area. Hopefully I can help clear some questions up.
Here are a collection of links to different sights. Included are chat and BB areas, manufacturer pages, and stores.
Algae information
My Loach Start Page
Here are my views on Algae control.
There doesn't seem to be a lot of information online regarding one of my favorite fish. So here is the little I have found to date. And there are a lot of pics of my loaches
Fish and Plant FAQs
AGA info and member sites.

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