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Chat rooms

Aqualink has a FW Bulitin board where you can post questions to, they also have other boards for salt water and classified adds. ACME Pet also has some nice chat rooms for all types of animals. And if you look at the bottom of ACMEs page, they also have bulletin boards. Tom Griffin, another fellow hobbyist, also has a bulletin Board on his site for FW and salt.

Other Sites with BB include.

JAWS Message Board
Loach Chat
ACME Fish Tails
Fish Link Central

The Fish Room
Aquaria Central
Garden Forum: Ponds & Aquatic Plants

Mail order stores

That Fish Place is one of the cheapest sources of fish and pet supplies out there. Visit their site and get one of their catalogs.
J. P. Burleson The official US Dupla supplier.
Pet Wearhouse is also a cost effective place to get your supplies.
Monolith Marine Monsters despite the name has some high tech plat gadgetry, and are one of the few dealers of Tropica Mater Grow Plant food.
Mail Order Pet Shop

Manufactures Pages

Dupla, while pricey is one of the best maker of supplies for the Planted tank hobby! And if nothing else their research has greatly increased the ability for us to grow plants in our homes.

Thiel Aqua Tech also makes excellent additives for the Plant hobby, they also offer a laterite that cost a little less then the Dupla equal and it's made in the USA.

Tropica way not be that available in the US but they have a neat site with lots of plant pics and other good info.

And here are just a bunch copied from my bookmark file.

ADA Home Page
Aquatics Unlimited Online
Homegrown Hydroponics
Noah's PetLink
Neptune Systems
LaMotte Company Testing Equipment Home Page
The Aquarium Mail Order's Online Catalog
Mall of Cyberspace
Aquarium Driftwood
The Aquatic Greenhouse
The Aquarium World Market

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