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That is a Picture of our new House. We moved in August 1999 and love it. We kind of outgrew the yard in Pottstown and wanted a little more room for the dogs and of course ourselves. We also wanted some room to run, play in the woods, watch the wildlife, and be by ourselves. Well, so far this is the perfect retreat, so far we have seen deer, turkey, great horned Owl, and a plethora of the standards, like Chickadees, tufted titmouse, gold finches, 3 different wood peckers, Hawks, squirrels, chipmunks bunnies and stray cats. There is also an unidentified stray canine I am curious to find out if it's domestic of wild. The previous owner also saw Bear. In the above picture I can be seen entering the house, and that's Chloe running at you. Cas is on the sidewalk heading towards the door I am holding open. And my Mom is bent over scratching Bumper. That road in the front is the driveway. I will have to add to this page as I get more photos. The main reason this site is in such need of repair is that we are spending a ton of our time converting this house into a home.

Outside of all the animals we also enjoy doing a little gardening. Here is a picture of the Clematis on the side of our house, and a close up of my favorite flower a Columbine and a close second an Iris. Here is a butterfly I had to chase into the neighbors garden before I could get it's picture. We also have a family of Wild Turkey living in the woods, they are fun to watch.

We also decorate for the holidays like Halloween and Christmas. And here is a closeup of those pumpkins the front porch another year. Here is the Gang in front of the Christmas Tree.

I didn't know where else to put this picture of Lake George, but I like it so much I had to add it.

Here are some long awaited New Photos!  (as of 8/22/02)

First off here is a view half way up the driveway in late winter. 
Here is a look back down the same area in the early spring. 
Once at the top of the drive, here is a shot of the house as of March ’02 with it’s new paint and the replacement of the screened porch completed. 
Here is a photo of a recent forest fire that burned 150 acres of the Blue Mt, about 3-4 miles east of our house (8/02).
Back to the yard, some plants are doing OK even though our attention has been elsewhere.
Here is a Crocus.  I love this variety of Bleeding Heart and can highly recommend it.  Here is a Hibiscus bloom, it’s inside here, but the plant goes outside in the spring. 

Some of the critters we have recently seen are Turkey, lots of Wild Turkey frequent the yard.  Not only under the bird feeders, but in the front yard too.  One of my favorite sightings was a Pileated Woodpecker.  Among others, here is a Garter Snake I found.  Also, we have our share of Toads. 

Well, I finally got off my ass and decided to add the finishing touches to the kitchen.  Here is a before picture of the kitchen.  It was taken just before tear down.  It was the painted version, I think there were 4 different colors of paint on the cabinets.  And yes, all four colors showing at the same time:)  The room was ripped down to the studs.  Hell some studs were removed too:)  After that, here is the finished result as of 3/16/03. 

After the first significant snow fall of 2003, I snuck out before anyone was up to get this shot.

Well here it is, I was asked enough. But I still can not get a picture of Denise, and the ones I do have are not up to her satisfaction. So my ugly mug will have to do for know. Please do not flood the guest book with complaints of cracked monitors and fried Video cards when loading this page:)

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