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I am working on this section trying to come up with helpful links and information. If you can think of something I should add let me know. Use the Guest book or E-mail to send me information, links, or requests and I will try to get the stuff included in the next rev.
Aqualink is an excellent source with Tons of information. It has a help desk and a forum for posting questions.
Other locations to get started with are the Aquarium FAQ @ Caltech and the
A Plant FAQ
Aquarium Plant FAQ @ Caltech is a very helpful site with a load if information.
A Plant FAQ
Aquarium Plant FAQ @ Actwin is another very helpful site with a load if information.
Plant info
Bruce Hallman's page is mostly written by Jim Kelly.
CO2 Info
Here are some good commonly asked questions on CO2And for. This particulay version is on on Bruce Hallman page but was written by George Booth
Aquatic Concepts
The Booths now have their own page, Aquatic Concepts which has excellent information and a slight Dupla cant.
The Krib is an excellent source of information. Salt and fresh, and plants. This is the one I go back to time after time!
Search engine
Here is a Search engine that allows you to search through the Aquatic plant discussion mailing list posts. If you have a question referring to plant tanks, chances are that it's been discussed on this mailing list.
Mailing lists
And if you would like to join the aquatic plants Mailing lists or others this site has an automated form to fill out.
JAWS is another nice comprehensive site
Fish Link Central
Fish Link Central is a nicely organized site of fishy links. This one will take you to their list of aquaria clubs.
Here is a site that describes the Siamese Algae Eater (SAE) the best damn Red algae eater going! Written by Liisa Sarakontu
Angel fish Aids
Angel fish Aids or the Discus Plague is almost eradicated, but is still out there a bit. If you think you may have it this site will explain the symptoms and a possible cure.
Angel Fish
And since we are on the topic of Angel Fish here is a site that has a great step by step narrative for breeding them.
The Master List!
Here is a fish reference! This site is the most comprehensive listing of fish names cross referenced to all possible names and where you can find them in reference books.

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