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35 Gallon Hex

These are some pictures of my 35 gal hex tank. It is a CO2 injected, 2 watts per gal, PMDD fertilized tank. It has been planted for over a year and a half.

Take a peek at the Details of My hex tank.

 Here are some tank photos of the Hex.

90 Gallon

The Zoo’ 90 plant tank is the latest addition and was my dream tank. It is setup a little higher tech. It is a 3 watt per gal, CO2 injected, PMDD fertilized setup. There is Greensand and laterite mixed into the substrate. It is an All Glass tank on a homemade stand with a custom hood. 

Take a peek at the Details of My 90 tank.

 Here are photos of the 90


Basement tanks

There are 4 more tanks in the basement. There is a 20 gal quarantine tank that basically houses my snails. There are few red rams horn snails and my trumpet snails, and this is the only one that can have them as it is the only tank without loaches:) There is a second 20 gal substrate experimental tank. There is a quarantine 5 gal, that tanks holding a few loaches and of course plant trimmings. Then there is a 10 gal, Not sure what to put there yet. 


20 gal Quarantine tank

Planted of course:)

There are also a 5 gal Q tank

And a 10 gal with a gourami.

20 gal Experimental tank

Playing with soils

Some close ups of the plants and animals. 


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