The CassiDietsch Zoo Photo Info Page

Here are my photo gallaries.

Think you have some pretty good powers of observation? Well visit this Link and find out if you see what you think you see!?

Here is a very comprehensive site full of camera info and forums specializing in different types of cameras. dpreview is the place to go.

dpFWIW is an excellent site on general camera info. It is written from the perspective of Olympus cameras since the author has them, but the majority is for cameras in general. I HIGHLY recommend this site, and regularly recommend his article on Exposure Strategies.

Profile for JDShoots

If you like to shoot the moon, here is the current phase current moon phase

Now if you are in my neck of the woods, here is clock that shows the current atmospheric conditions for viewing the night sky. If you don't live here, then click on it and go find one in your neighborhood. To understand what it all means also click on it.

Here is a NOAA website that predicts who may be able to see some

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