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Explanation Of Coat Of Arms

       ARMS: or a fesse (the band across the center of the shield) az. Between three lions rampant in chief gu. And a beaver in base ppr.. CREST: A green mount Vert. theron in front of three arrows (one upright, one to the right and left diagonally), the pheons downward, the same beaver passant ppr. SHIELD: of gold, divided in center by a band from right to left of blue, upper portion three lions rampant of red and below a beaver of reddish brown with reddish and black checked tail, quiet or crouching. HELMET : the winged helmet, the feather (wing plume on the helmet) represents the German b ranch.

       The three lions rampant represent the deBeauvoir family of Huguenots in France. The beaver in lower half of shield with checkered tail (black and red) represents the Bieber family of Germany. The following are the colors: shield-gold,, band-blue, lions-red, beaver-reddish brown with checkered tail of red and black, mound-green, helmet-silver, motto-goldband with black lettering.

       In LaGrande Encyclopedia, volumes five and ten, we learn that the original family name the Bieber (Beaver) was deBeauvoir. This was the original family of Huguenots in France.

       The little village of Beauvoir in France on the Yonne river, Canton of Tucy, formed a formerly feudal estate which gave its name to a family from Burgandy known since the beginning of the 16th century at which time it acquired through marriage of deudal estate of Beauvoir. This family had as head, at the end of the 14th century, William deBeauvoir, Lord of Auxerre of Chastellux, etc., father of Claude deBeauvoir, Vice Count of Avallon, Marshall of France, who played an important role during the trouble which distinguished the reign of Charles VI who enthusiastically espoused the English cause during the first years of the reign of Charles VII. His eldest son was Jean deBeauvoir, Lord of Chastellux, Vicount of Avallon, father of Phillippe, page at the court of Charles VIII. This Phillippe left among other children, Phillippe (second of that name) whose family became extinct in the third generation, Oliver (founder of the branch of Marquis of Chastellus) perpetuated to our day and made famous by brilliant military services. One of its representatives at the end or the 18th century was a friend of Washington.

      Claude deBeauvoir, born about 1392 at Chestellus, died in 1453. Warrior in the service of Jean SanPeur (John the Fearless) who counselor and chamberlain he became. He became governor of Nivernaise, the cities of Mantes, Neulan, Poissy and Pantoise. Raise the siege of Bar-Sun-Aube (1414), surprised Paris and entered it on May 29, 1418. Marshall of France, then commander-in-chief of Normany (September 2, 1418) was defeated and taken prisoner at Louviers, but the kind paid his ransom. He took possession of Cravant-sur-Yonne, which he gave to the chapter of Auxerre (1423) which gave him and the eldest of his decendants the title "Premier Chanoine" (chief canon of the Church).

      LaGrande Encyclopedia contains a number of Beauvoir Huguenot captains and diplomats who took an active part in the religious wars. The queen mother tired in vain to win Nocle deBeauvoir over by offering him 50,000 gold pieces, knighthood and a company of armed men. He remained faithful to the Protestant cause. In 1572 he was present at the wedding of Henry of Navarre. By a miracle he escaped the Catholics. He reached Geneva, Switzerland, where he was received as a "bourgeois) on the 29th of September with many other refugees. In 1573 he crossed the frontier and was almost massacred. This obliged him to return to Switzerland

      From the foregoing the reader will note that the family name of the Huguenot family in France, from which our family is descended, is deBeauvoir.

      William deBeauvoir, Lord of Auxerre of Chastellux, etc., father of Claude deBeauvoir, Vice Count of Avallon, Marshall of France, probably looked something like this

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