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Growing Up In East Flatbush

I grew up at 647 East 53nd Street. I attended St. Therese of Lisieux Elementary School, and then went to Nazareth Regional High School. I delivered papers for the New York World Telegram, which became the World Journal Tribune before closing. I remember the Rugby and Avenue D movie theaters, "The Junction," and Carvel on Avenue D and East 48th Street.
Also - I remember - flying saucers, stoop ball, punch ball, skelly, hit the penny, & johnny on the poney, slot cars, the Boys Club on Bedford Avenue, Ebinger's Bakery, the Loew's Kings movie Theatre, and Fulton's Ice Cream Parlor (right across from the Loew's Kings). I once rode the Church Avenue trolley car to my grandmother's apartment house on Church Avenue. Some of my best friends were - Tommy "Muskie" Muscarella, Carmine "Noochi" Mandarano, and Victor "Fudd" Colucci.

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