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...       My interests

I've been taking pictures for almost thirty years!   Yikes! I started out with a cheapie 35 mm single lens reflex camera from Willoughby-Peerless Cameras in New York City.   At the time, (1971) I worked for the New York Daily News (not as a photographer - boo-hoo), otherwise known as "New York's Picture Newspaper."  I soon graduated to a Nikon F2, the brand name of choice for Daily News photographers. I came pretty close to building my own darkroom, but stopped short. I kept taking pictures, though most of my efforts fall into the snapshot category.  I have about 1,000 slides, (Kodachrome ONLY - Let's support Kodak and American Jobs!)  and another 1,000 or so pictures, and this is just a rough estimate. I NEED to get a scanner, but then I'll need a few gigabytes of web storage!!
I taught myself guitar, just for myself to play along with records. I haved owned a metallic blue Fender Mustang, and still own a twelve string acoustic guitar, and the uniquely-fashioned Ovation acoutic guitar.   As far as musical interests, I like everything from Rock and Roll, to the three B's, Bach, Beethoven and the Beatles, as well as the King - Elvis . Jazz, New Age - if it's music, I like it!
I used to bike on American Youth Hostel tours to Tanglewood, as well as bike throughout the five boroughs of New York City. I once owned a Colnago  - a super- e74 light traditional racing bike made in Italy - it MOVED!
I like everything from science-fiction to biographies.  Two of the most memorable biographies I have ever read were Louis Fischer's Mahatma Gandhi, and "The Autobiograhy of Malcolm X," by Alex Haley. Look these and others up at a great site for books, Amazon.
Started in 1987 with an IBM PS/2 Model 30. I also used Apple II's and Apple II GS's, as well as the the Macintosh PowerPC's. As if ten years of learning about computers wasn't enough, I'm currently enrolled in Columbia University's Computer Technology and Applications Program. I'm in the "Internet/Intranet Management and Design" track. My goal is to be a C.N.E. by next summer, and M.C.S.E. by summer of 2000.

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Science Fiction
Some of my favorite authors are Ray Bradbury, Robert Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, Arthur C. Clarke, and Norman Spinrad, the suthor of a great book entitled "Bug Jack Baron" ( mostly out of print, but Amazon will search publisher's warehouses and find it for you in a few weeks).
I currently work as a Network Administrator at a company called Aon. If you'd like to know more about commercial insurance, click on the link.


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   My Town
Weather and History of Valhalla, New York. I recently moved from this pleasant little town in Westchester. If you'd like to know more about the town, click on the link. I currently live in Staten Island, NY. Click on the Verrazano Narrows icon for a link to the best web site for Staten Island information.

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