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There are a variety of special education services available to our students depending on eligibility. These services are applied through a transdisciplinary approach beginning with an assessment of the student's needs, and then moving on to the development and implementation of the instructional goals. This can include direct, indirect, individual, small group or total class instruction.

Special education services include speech and language support, occupational therapy, physical therapy, vision therapy and hearing therapy. Those involved are all part of the team. In order for the team to be effective there must be a mutual respect and willingness to keep the best interest of the student at the forefront. Our students also take part in an adaptive physical education program once a week. Whenever possible our therapists make an effort to accompany us during our experiences in the community, especially when it involves their specific area of expertise.

Much of the adaptive equipment is used for physical therapy and includes a feeder seat, large and small wooden Rifton chairs with trays, a corner seat, bolster seat, supine stander and gait trainer. We have a large indoor swing which our students enjoy immensely. The classroom is also equipped with several floor mats, therapy balls, bolsters, and assorted adaptive toilet seats. While some of our students receive direct services from the physical therapist, we are responsible for the positioning of each student in an assigned piece of equipment. In an effort to reach out to our students with visual impairments, we use a "feely mat" made up of an assortment of removable items of contrasting textures.

There are also various adaptive utensils that are helpful to our students in becoming more independent with feeding themselves. Suction plates, scoop plates, cutout cups, built up spoons and forks are just a few of the items that enable our students to be successful.

In order to implement the goals and objectives in the domains of Functional Academics and Vocational Maintenance we use a variety of materials to encourage our students to achieve positive results. Tools such as slant boards allow them to work with manipulatives at eye level allowing for more successful outcomes during matching activities. Some of these items are purchased through special needs catalogues while many have been made by hand and adapted for our specific program. Even use of the computer requires the facilitation of a large switch or touchwindow to experience simple cause and effect activities. Additionally, each of our students has his/her own name stamp which enables them to put their name down on paper without the need of a pencil.