John and Bob's Excellent Adventure began when our host, Ed Kelly, VP9GE, picked us up at the Bermuda International Airport.

This is
Ed’s Mitsubishi Delica van, one of many models of vehicles that you WON’T see in the USA!  In fact, there are many BRANDS of vehicles in Bermuda that you won’t see in the USA, such as Renault, Peugeot, Daihatsu, Opel, and Skoda.  There were lots of Japanese “kei” cars, too, such as the Suzuki Wagon R.  These cars are only 1.48 meters (58 inches) wide and 3.4 meters long (133 inches).  That’s 8 inches narrower and a foot shorter than a Mini Cooper!  In Japan, these cars come with a 660 cc engine making no more than 63 horsepower.