History of the Club:

On the evening of the 15th of February, 1909, a group of concerned sportsmen met at George Genshort's Pool Hall in East Mauch Chunk, now Marzen's Hardware.  The original fellows who met that evening were, according to Charter Member Charlie Wutherich, Mr. George Genshort, E.I. Smith, Dr. Moyer, Marbye Trout, Keith Esser, I. Botcher, Marty Martz, Reno Bretz, Art Kuebler, Harry Buchman, Bill Kleckner, Bob Gosser, Andy Snyder & Dr. J.E. Wasser.  These 15 sportsmen were the founding fathers of the Mauch Chunk Rod & Gun Club.  They sought to protect fish and wildlife for sporting purposes in the area, for future generations.  Over the next few decades they strove to keep the area abundant with fish and game, pheasants and rabbits were stocked routinely along with trout in the streams and panfish at Lake Harmony.  Even the planting of wild rice at the lake.  All this was done long before any state stockings!

In 1923, the membership was 100 members.  The Mauch Chunk Rod & Gun Club joined the Carbon County Sportsmen's Association in February of 1924 and remained a member until its demise.

During the early years, the members met monthly at the YMCA.  A donation of $1.00 per person was given to the Y.  In February of 1927, it was decided to meet in members' homes or the barber shop to save on expenses.

In March of 1928, Robert Getz offered the club land in Christman's 1154 acres @ $10.00 per acre.  However, the total in the treasury at the time was $64.89.  So that was as far as it went!

Membership during the late 20's & early 30's was under 200 members.  Dues at the time were $1.50 per year.

In August of 1931, Dick Smith leased a building & propert along Hoffman Trail (Route 903) at a cost of $60.00 per annum payable quarterly.


In January of 1933, the club gave up the club house due to monies to pay the rent not being ample enough.  Once again meetings were held at members' homes.

October of 1946 brought a major event for the club.  The Moser farm on Reservoir Road was purchased at a cost of $350.00 for the 9.25 acres.

Over the course of many years of hard work, enough money was raised to start construction of the Club House in 1967.  The inside was completed through the 1970's.  A new stove, dishwasher and floor were complete.  Breakfasts were held to help raise money to finish things.


In November of 1971, the club became incorporated.

The club began sponsoring Hunter Safety Classes in the 1970's and they are still held regularly at the club.  Membership in April of 1977 was 716.

Pheasant stocking stopped in the 1980's due to the huntable areas being diminished because of residential growth along with Posting of many private properties.  This made rabbit and pheasant stockings by the club a thing of the past.  However, the club still stocks Robinson's Creek at Chip Hill annually for the first day of fishing season.

Through the late 80's and early 90's, membership was on the decline.  Membership in 1996 was 343 members.  Recently, however, the opposite is true.  At present, membership is 950 and growing.  Dues are $15.00 per year, which is quite a difference from $1.50 in the early years.

In January of 2002, the club was able to purchase 6.5 acres adjacent to the propery already owned.  The purchase price was $50,000 for the additional acreage, making the total acreage owned by the club just short of 16 acres.

In February of 2009, One hundred years since our predecessors convened their first meeting, none of those boys who were there when the first gavel struck are around, but we're sure they'd be happy to see what has transpired in their wake.

August 14, 15 and 16 of 2009, we are holding a celebration for all members, families & friends to make our centennial a memorable occasion.


The preceding account was written according to club minutes and some old newspaper articles.  There are some blanks from 1909-1924 and from 1935-1960 due to missing minute books, but everything written above are factual accounts.  PJB