The Wantage United Methodist Church
Chruch Front

199 Libertyville Road
Wantage, NJ 07461
Pastor Craig Spear
Phone 973-875-4488

The Church is open for all Services

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Pictures of New Building Construction

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Building Update  5-5-2020

Most of the site work is done and the footings, well, septic are in. The foundation and floors are done.
We are on a short hold while the Corona Virus restrictions are in force.
Check our latest videos and pictures.

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 Clean brown bags, drinks – single serving to family size. Juices any size. Canned fruit any size and cereal. Tuna, sugar free diabetic foods, personal needs, soap, toothpaste ,deodorant ,laundry detergent, stewed tomatoes, spam, diapers, toilet tissue.  Cake mixes, brownies, hygiene items, instant potatoes, canned potatoes, 1 pound bags of rice.  Pet Food, cleaning supplies,
Bottled water and garden produce in season.