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                                 Ministries Phone List

Church Office                                             973-875-4488   
Church e-mail            
Website:        or
Prayer Ministry,   Send an email or text message to Ken Reuter an he will
send a text message asking for prayers to our congregation.

email     text

Outreach/Mission Committee                         973-875-4488
For community food and health needs, requests come through the pastor.
Food coupons are always available for those in need.

Pastoral Counseling                                      973-875-4488

Pastor’s Cell Phone                                       973-459-1501
Pastor’s Email                                    

Please acknowledge the following Office hours and deadlines.
Office Hours:  Tuesdays & Thursday 1-3:30 pm.
Bulletin deadline - Tuesday at noon.
Insert and Prayer list deadline -Thursday’s noon.
Pat Reuter - Administrative Assistant

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