From:  Pamela J. Kattner, Planning Secretary


Date:  October 16th, 2007 @ 6:30 pm


Subject:  Jim Thorpe Planning Commission Meeting



Attendees:       Ben Walbert

                        Joseph Micko

                        Pamela Kattner

                        Engineer: Angelika Forndran, P.E.


Notes on items:

1)      Morgan Minor Subdivision- Want to make the three lots on 2nd Street between Center and School Streets more exact and extend the Stianche property.

The Planning Commission gave conditional approval based on the zoning and the following edits to the plans:

a)      Need a variance for zoning designation…clarify single deed for the half of double located on the corner of School and 2nd Streets.

b)      Need a variance for off street parking on the two half of double lots and need to show the already existing off street parking on the Stianche lot.

2)      Review of Comprehensive Plan Workshop for Ben Walbert’s benefit. (Please see September minutes). Next meeting is tentatively at Summit Hill borough next Wednesday the 24th at 6:30.

3)      Points of interest brought up….

a)      LUPTAP requires resolutions from all borough councils involved in the joint comprehensive plan. This won’t be asked of boroughs until planning committees have an idea of how much we are asking from the boroughs.

b)      Borough is doing the budget now, we put in a line about how much we will need. The last budget meeting is next Tuesday, the 23rd. Pam will write something and submit it for Tuesday.

4)      Tim Markly and Larry Macy will be sending sets of plans within the next few days. This will be on the agenda for next month.