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Yep, this is Jim Thorpe, Pa. The mountain bike capital of the East Coast. I have lived here three years now and things just keep getting stranger!

Here are some interesting facts about Jim Thorpe Pa.

As you can see, some strange things go on up here. If you visit this wonderful little town, here are a few must see and do's:

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It is a courtesy listing.

The Blue Mountain Sports Store: This store has things you will need for hiking, rafting, or biking in the Jim Thorpe area. All the best trail maps can be found here as well as bike rentals and all hiking needs. Located across from the train station.

The Black Bread Cafe: Simply the best place to eat in town, don't miss this one! . This little place would hold its own against any of the best in the major metros. Located on Race St., in "Stone Row"(pictured above).

Old County Prison: Park downtown and walk up West Broadway, ya can't miss the building. 1800's classic gothic prison, in use until 1995!. Go in for the tour to see the "hand print on the wall". Tours everyday, from noon until 5 pm.

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