Izzy Buttons

Univeral Pictures - The Mummy Returns: Izzy

Izzy Buttons, played by Shaun Parkes, shared a few adventures with Rick O’Connell, but that was until he was shot in the behind.  Now Izzy wants nothing to do with Rick when he shows up looking for Izzy’s special brand of travel.  That is, Rick needs an aircraft that will get him and Evy to the Oasis of Ahm Shere - quickly.  Cash doesn’t seem to much interest Izzy.  On the other hand, when Izzy sees the golden Scepter of Osiris that Rick is carrying, he would be willing to have his "head shaved, legs waxed, and be used as a surfboard", if Rick will give him the Scepter.  Since Alex has been kidnapped, Rick gladly gives Izzy the Scepter and they are now flying off towards Ahm Shere.  Once they get there though, Izzy’s troubles are far from over.  While Izzy suspects that Rick has gotten them into something that could get them hurt, Izzy has no idea that it is far more dangerous than that.  But, like a true adventurer, Izzy comes through to help the O’Connell’s with their plight.

The name "Izzy" was given to Shaun Parkes’ character by writer/director Stephen Sommers in memory of his beloved dog, which passed away at about 12 years of age.

Parkes played one of the leads in the internationally acclaimed film "Human Traffic".  He also stars in "Rage", a film directed by Newton Aduka.  His many television credits include the lead in British Channel 4’s "The Lock", the six-part spin-off of "Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels".  He has played central roles in "The Visitor", "Randall & Hopkirk", "The Plastic Man" and "Turning World".  Parkes has appeared in a great deal of theatre including "Chips With Everything" at the Royal National Theatre, Cheek by Jowl’s Duchess of Malfi in the West End, and a variety of Royal Court productions.  He is also an excellent baritone.

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