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Accident occurred on October 17, 2010  Shankweiler Road, Orefield.

Injuries: fractured tail bone, fractured left femur, multiple fractured ribs, bruised heart, large hole in left knee, and crushed, fractured, and torn left foot - beyond repair.

Oct. 18 early AM

After arriving  at the Trauma Center and being stabilized was taken to surgery for a rod and screws to  fix the femur, have the left foot amputated.  Heart rate between 120-130, blood pressure fluctuating.  Was placed on a breathing tube and respiratory.

Oct. 19

Condition pretty much the same, chest tube was inserted on the right side and back up to surgery to have wounds cleaned.

Oct. 20

Resting comfortably, highly sedated with LoRazepam and Fentanyl.  Started with a low grade fever; a cooling blanket was used to try and reduce the fever.  MRI done to check if neck brace could be removed.

Oct. 21

Condition still the same however new issue blood sugar was high, per staff this happens sometimes with trauma injuries.  Started checking a number of times a day.  Started him on an insulin drip.  Neck braced removed.

Oct. 22

Another surgery on the leg was scheduled for today but was postponed till Monday the 25th. Starting to ween off the vent allowing him to breathe a little on his own.  Vitals still elevated along with blood sugar.

Oct. 23

Tried lowering the pain medication today but got pretty agitated; they had to put them back up.  Still pretty much unaware of anything.

Oct. 24

Started on an antibiotic today for the fever. 

Oct. 25

Blood pressure coming down some and heart rate at 110.  Insulin drip stopped to see what would happen.  Went for surgery today at 6 PM returned after 9 PM.  This was for the final amputation.

Oct. 26

Tried lowering medication again today, but had to give him Versed to calm him down because he kept trying to pull the tube out.  Propofol (paralyzer) was given at night because highly agitated again and kept trying to get out of bed and trying to pull the tubes out.  With this medication the vent was breathing for him.

Oct. 27

Vitals still pretty much the same.  Propofol was replaced with Madazalam.  Pic line had a blockage on the left side so they will put another central line on the right side.

Oct. 28

Still no word on when the tube and vent will be removed.  Pressure stocking will be put on the amputation some time next week to start shaping.

Oct. 29 & 30

Things still pretty much the same still gets agitated believe it is do to trying to ween the ventilator.

Oct. 31

Vitals the same, but more alert started to try and write things.

Nov. 1

Much more alert today, had the restraints untied pretty much all day.  A little backward progression they scanned for blood clots and found one in right leg.  Start on coumadin to try to dissolve clot.

Nov. 2

Started Heparin drip, still on heavy pain medication.

Nov. 3

Surgery to have tube removed and trachea  put in.  Also placed a feeding tube in his stomach..

Nov. 4

Sat up today for a few minutes over the side of the bed.  He’s initiating all breaths vent just adding extra oxygen.  Food started in feeding tube.  Slept most of the day.

Nov. 5 & 6

Same as yesterday no changes.

Nov. 7

Had a problem today with bleeding from the Heparin started bleeding through his mouth and nose bringing up blood clots.  Stopped the Heparin and feeding.  Placed a tube in his nose to suction out his stomach.  He pulled it out about 3:00 AM.

Nov. 8

More surgery to have a filter placed in his leg to catch the clot if it starts to travel.

Nov. 9-10

Slowly improving and becoming more alert.

Nov. 11

Starting to ween from vent more aggressively.  Gave 2 units of blood today - blood count was low.  Had him stand today for a few seconds also sat in a chair for about an hour.

Nov. 12

Stitches and staples removed from knee.  Still coughing up stuff from chest treating as pneumonia.

Nov. 13-15

Still progressing.

Nov. 16

Vent removed.  A talking device was place in the trachea so was finally able to start communicating after a month. Getting breathing treatments.

Nov. 17

Happy Birthday - moved out of Trauma Center to another floor. Also given food to eat for the first time.

Nov. 18

Transferred to Good Shepherd to start rehab.  No longer on oxygen.  Feeding tube still in his stomach, not being used, but has to remain there for a couple of weeks before they can remove it.  A smaller trachea to be put on tomorrow.

Nov. 19-30

Therapy started 3 times a day, they don’t fool around over there.  Eating regular meals.  Monday the 22nd trachea removed no stitches it will heal in a couple of days.

Dec 1

Stitches removed from amputation x-rays taken healing well.

Dec 2-9

Therapy continues every day. Feeding tube removed - boy did that one hurt.

Dec. 10

HOME.  Still a long road ahead with therapy and when they start with the prosthetic.


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