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My name is Lyn Beiler. This is my first attempt at creating a web page. Hopefully it's not too boring, and you will check back often as I make changes and updates.

My family and I live in beautiful Lancaster County Pennsylvania. Our family consists of myself (Lyn), my wife Michelle , a daughter Melanie , a son Justin , and daughter Stephanie. Below is a short list of information about each of us.


Family Information


EMPLOYMENT: Field engineer for Blue Ridge Cable Technologies.

HOBBIES: Firefighting (I am a assistant Chief  with the Akron Volunteer Fire Company of which I have been a member for twenty years). I am also a member of the Bloomsburg Fire Department in Bloomsburg PA.
Camping, Fishing, Computers, Politics, and Fixing up our house.

OTHER INTERESTS: Listening to Talk radio (My favorite is the great RUSH LIMBAUGH)

CHURCH: Our family attends The Worship Center in Leola PA.


EMPLOYMENT: Sign Language Interpreter in an educational setting. Lancaster-Lebanon I.U.13

HOBBIES: Reading, Swimming, and Music.

OTHER INTERESTS: Working in the nursery at our church.


EMPLOYMENT: (none silly, I'm too little to work)

HOBBIES: Barbie dolls, Books, Swimming, Playing with friends, Singing, and Worms (yes, that's right, I like to hunt for worms. So what!!)

OTHER INTERESTS: School, Playing with my little brother, and helping take care of my new baby sister.


EMPLOYMENT: (none either)

HOBBIES: Playing, Riding trike, Swimming, Sandbox, Kitties and most anything four  year olds like to do.

OTHER INTERESTS: Chasing my big sister, and helping to take care of my new little sister.

                                                      Our New Arrival



Our Church The Worship Center

A great radio station FM90 WJTL 

My brother- in- law MIKE'S homepage

Bloomsburg Fire Department


Akron Fire Company



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