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OS/2 User Groups

For an extensive list of OS/2 User Groups check out http://www.os2voice.org/os2groups.html

BayWarp logo http://www.baywarp.org/
The San Francisco Bay Area OS/2 User Group

The OS/2 SIG meets monthly, and frequently has guest speakers. Check their web site for date/time and location.

The Phoenix OS/2 Users Group has a very large active constituency.

This group was the host for the 1997 Warpstock event. They are a very active user group with several SIGs and a very nice web site as well. To see the most recent items on their web site - http://www.scoug.com/20new.html

If you don't have an OS/2 user group near you, join the Virtual OS/2 User Group - VOICE. I am a founding member of VOICE so it has to be a good group of folks. :-)

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