August 2002


Fuel tank repair and installation has been completed, the air brake systems have been restored with the installation of an air throttle to replace the old linkage. The entire frame has been cleaned and painted, awaiting the installation of the lower skin.

The bay floor supports were doubled to span no more than 16", then some very pricey 3/4" marine plywood was installed for a very solid bay floor.

The bay doors are of the double cafe style built of 1 1/4" square tube, the skin is .090 5052 aluminum sheet glued to the frames with Norton SpeedGrip Urethane structural adhesive. I have searched for latches that I felt would allow for a simple installation, but provide a secure and strong hold for the bay doors. I found some with the help of the hot rod builders, Watson's StreetWorks, they are the only distributor that supplies bear claw latches that have a lock feature built into the latch. This allows the use of a power lock system without the need for expensive lockable door handles. With the purchase of a remote control you can add a solenoid system to also unlatch your doors giving you the option of using no door handles at all. After hours of searching, the bear claw latches are superior to any other latch I have found. Having 750lbs of holding force you will not have to worry about lose cargo popping your doors open with latches that are only rated at 150lbs of holding force.

Here is a great place to buy remote control power locks. Parts Express