1970 Silver Eagle 05

Model 10 Caps

Built by the Bus & Car Company of St Michiels Bij Brugge Belgium

No Frames

Updated 10/27/2002

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Engine: 8V71N Detroit Diesel
  N65 Brown Tag Injectors
  Advanced Cam Timing

8V71 General Engine Specifications

Transmission: HT748 ATEC

Purchased in 1998 to be transformed into an RV Bus conversion. This will involve a full frame restoration, 6" roof raise, installation of smooth sides and new interior. The original seated coach has seen service in Texas, New York And Pennsylvania.

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April 1998:  Getting the Eagle moving.

October 1999: The Eagle has been disassembled to the bare frame with 70% of the frame restoration complete. The plan for 2000 will be completing the frame and new siding.

May 2000: The cover is off, work resumes on the rear frame section and preparing for the roof raise.

August 2000: Steel siding installation

September 2000: R&M fiberglass side panels installed

November 2000: Closing the shell for winter, Storm-Tite Thermal Pane Windows installed.

2001: What's coming up when the snow melts, fuel tank problems.

June 2001: One piece entry door pictures. Assembled with parts from Fast Fred's article on Coach Conversion Central

Electrical: How about using a Controller Area Network .
Z-world PLC's are manufactured with extended temperature range components, -40C to 70C.

Eagle Salvage: 9/24/01 Progress on my conversion has slowed for a number of reasons, the primary reason was an opportunity to salvage a crashed eagle.

August 2002: Fuel tanks are installed, air brake system restored, luggage bay and cafe style door construction in progress. (Bay door skins fastened with Norton SpeedGrip Urethane structural adhesive.

September 2002: Moving day, turning the beast around for the engine extraction.

October 2002: Allison HT748 conversion has begun, Cool and wet weather offer a Challenge before the snow flies.

November 2002: Installed Jacobs engine brake

PLC Code:Any one interested in a small PLC program that I wrote for turn signals and four ways with intermittent wiper controls and a host of digital input monitoring, send me an email and Ill tell you how you can download the free software and run the simulator to test the code yourself.


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