The Eagle Project

It was known that The 8V71N DD In this Eagle was in non running condition. Loaded on the landoll trailer and off to the first stop for the engine removal.


After removing and disassembling the engine we found that the heads were cracked in six of the eight cylinders. Water in the oil pan and pitted camshafts put this engine out to pasture. Purchased a good running takeout and installed with new heavy duty double disk organic clutch. Before installing this engine the cam timing was adjusted to advanced and N65 brown tag injectors were installed to provide greater power output. The Rockwell drive axle was serviced with new seals, air brake chambers with parking brake springs, brake shoes and new drums.

This was all made possible with the help of a good friend and his Cat track loader!!


After Removing the interior, ceiling, walls and floors it was obvious that this 30 year old Eagle frame would need some work.

Loaded on another landoll trailer and off to the next stop for frame and body restoration.


Just a note to anyone planning a roof raise and roof air units. The use of these trailers will be greatly limited by the height restriction of 13 feet 6 inches. The coach without a raised roof measures 11 feet high, most of these trailers are 2.5 to 3+ feet in height. Towing an Eagle using a under reach wrecker for a long distance could result in damage to the rear under carriage from dragging on the roadway. Flat towing might be the best alternative.
If you want to see some of the latest technology for heavy duty towing, check this link. Miller Industries Towing Equipment Inc. Pictures of some awesome heavy duty tow trucks.

For a short tow, I would request a heavy duty long under reach wrecker with wheel lift attachments. This will save your spare tire compartment, front bumper and bulkhead.