The PLC/ Embedded Controls Debate


 Some say that using PLC code that some back yard busnut wrote requires you to go back to the person that wrote the code. Absolutely wrong, the fact is that Detroit Diesel and Allison Transmission are the worst of all when it comes to getting your expensive and proprietary DDEC or ATEC control box fixed. Or ask the company that built the controls for your generator or heat system to provide you with the code and see what they say. Automotive companies can even go so far as to prevent you from monitoring a signal from a sensor with that expensive diagnostic tool you just purchased because they have declared that sensor signal a proprietary trade secret.

  If you use PLC's or imbedded microprocessor programmed in ladder logic, C, C+, Java or any other programing standard available to anyone who wants to give it a shot, you can chose anyone familiar with the programing language. Just stop by any technical school and find a sharp kid to check out the problem for a few bucks. In not so many years industrial, automotive and desktop computers will not be distinguishable except for the color and shape of the box.

Most of the smart plc and micro controller manufacturers are realizing the need to produce extended temperature range components if they want to compleat in the next decade.