R&M Panels installed

Fiberglass siding installation and front cap repair

The steel siding was first glued with sikaflex adhesive, then spot welded along the edges and finally the fiberglass was riveted though the steel into the frame finishing the siding installation.


I used three R&M 35 foot fiberglass sheets to side my eagle, I couldn't see covering the windows with a $500 piece of fiberglass and then literally cutting half of it away. Two sheets were used to cover the bottom and the third sheet was cut to fit between the windows on each side. You will need to get an additional three foot piece to cover the area behind one of the rear windows. To finish around the windows I glued pieces of fiberglass with Sikaflex across the top just below the rain gutter and on the vertical window posts. As long as you position all the seams over a small area of the tubing it will be mostly covered by the window frame. Grind the seams were the edges butt together then apply some fiberglass resin and mat, finish the seam with fiberglass gel filler. Using this method still produces a large amount of trimmed fiberglass that comes in very handy to fill in the front cap.


The rivet seams just below the windows will be covered with molding, the cap seams will be blended with the siding using fiberglass mat and resin.