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Breaking News: CP Students--Hamlet Act I test on Monday. Bring packets and notes.

PLAGIARISM POLICY: Plagiarism is a serious academic offense which has serious consequences. Read about the policy here.

Assignments: If you click on this button, it will take you to a page with two or three links on it. Click on the class you are currently taking in order to go to the lesson plans for the entire year to date. Take special note of due dates, special projects, and tests. Homework assignments are listed, test and due dates are in red, and assignments to be done are in blue. Check especially for links in the plans. For instance, if you have an essay due on Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, there may well be a link there to a page that explains the parameters of the assignment. Hope this helps.

Vocabulary: Here are all the vocabulary lists, with definitions and sentences, that you will have for the entire year. Here too are directions for how to make up a missed vocabulary quiz as well as links to some interesting word sites that I have discovered.

Book Lists: The book list is a constantly growing and evolving document. Right now it is quite large, and it promises to get even larger. Here you will find classical novels and plays, AP reading lists, fun books for diversion, and recommended short stories and poems. Some of the listings have annotations, but others do not. Please feel free to send me an annotation to a listed book or a recommendation for a book that isn't listed.

Literature Links: If you are studying a particular piece of literature in my class, especially a major work, you will find a study guide and several links to the internet here to help you understand the work better. Not everything yet has a listing here, but keep checking it out; things change on a regular basis.

Showcase: This is a page where you can show off. If you've written a good piece for class, or if you've written something independently that you're particularly pleased with, send it to me as a Word attachment, and I'll put it up. Be proud of what you've done; let others read it. (Hey, I'm proud of this website, and you are reading it!)

Usage: Oftentimes we make an error by using the wrong word in the right spot--"who" or "whom," "few" or "less," "then" or "than." I've collected a number of errors that students have made and listed them here, along with (I hope) clear and concise explanations as to the right way to go. Look it over and study it a little. It will save you a lot of mistakes.

The Future: As we go forward this year and next, look to see new pages added. Pages on how to write a proper literary analysis paper, how to do parenthetical notation, and a page on the proper use of tense will appear. There may be other features as well, but I haven't thought of them yet, and there's just not enough time to do them all at once. Write me with your thoughts and let me know what you'd like to see.

DISCLAIMER: Though this site is to be used by the classes I teach at Stroudsburg High School, it is in no way affiliated with or supported by Stroudsburg Area School District.

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