Peter Bogert, a grandson of Bahrdel and Anna Barbara Bogert, was born in Germany, December 13, 1721; emigrated to America on the ship Friendship, which landed at Philadelphia, November 2, 1744. He settled on the Little Lehigh in Salisbury township, now Lehigh county, Pennsylvania. There he took up 304 acres of land, most of which to this day remains in possession of his family and descendants. Among Peter Bogert's chldren were: Catharine, married to Frederick Mohr; and Jacob. Jacob Bogert, son of Peter, was born August 26, 1748, died August 7, 1802. He was a farmer in Salisbury township; was married to Anna Mohry, born July 15, 1753, and died November 4, 1826. Their children were as follows: Peter, John, Catharine, Magdalena, Maria E., Solomon, Anna, Margaret, Barbara and Anna Maria.

John Bogert, the second son of Jacob, was born Debember 1, 1772, died August 15, 1854, aged 82 years, 8 months and 14 days. He married Elizabeth Kline, born October 28, 1767, died December 18, 1867, aged 100 years, 1 month and 21 days. Both parents and some of their children are buried at the Western Salisbury Church. Their Children were: Jacob, Fronica, Lydia, John, and Elizabeth.

Jacob Bogert, son of John, was born November 14, 1797, died March 14, 1894, aged 96 years, 3 months and 21 days. He was married to Anna Wilt, born in 1807, died in 1867.

John Bogert, son of John, Sr., was born September 28, 1808, died March 11, 1874; was married to Abigail Knauss, born January 26, 1812, died February 27, 1890. Their children were: Sarus K., Charles H., Hiram J., Maria E.,married to Tilghman Neimeyer, whose full history appears in this volume; Matthias S., and Oscar.

Hiram J. Bogert, third son of John, was born November 9, 1836. He was engaged for 22 years in the general merchandise business with Tilghman Neimeyer, under the firm name of Neimeyer & Company, located at the corner of Main and Second Streets, Emaus, Pa. He died May 10, 1901, and is buried at the Western Salisbury Church.

He was married to Amanda C. Neimeyer, a daughter of George and Margaret (Ruder) Neimeyer. They have an only son, Geroge J. Bogert, who resides with his mother on Main Street, Emaus Pa. He is the secretary of the Home Mutual Fire Insurance Company, of Emaus, Pa.

Sarus K. Bogert, eldest son of John, was born August 28, 1832, died October 2, 1906; was married to Sarah A. Moyer, born 1839, died 1909. They had the following chldren; Cora E., married to John J.D. Weaver; Clara, married to Edward C. Erdman; Emanuel C.; Charles M.; John.; Clinton M., and Anna Maria Bogert.

Matthias S. Bogert, son of John, was married to Carrie Schafrath. They reside at Allentown and have one daughter, Estella B.

Oscar Bogert, son of John is marrid to Maggie Clauser. They have no children.

SOURCE: History of Lehigh County, Pennsylvania by: Roberts, 1914

The remaining structures which were once a part of the Peter Bogert homestead include one large barn, a tack barn, a log cabin, farmhouse, a summer kitchen, a spring house and Bogert's Bridge. Hunter's Cabin (aka Bogert's Homestead) ca. 1741 restored 1938. Bogert Barn (Young Barn), Three story bank barn. Tack Barn, One story with chimney. Bogert's Bridge ca. 1841, 145 feet long. Bogert Farmhouse ca. 1820, made of native limestone, two and one-half stories. Springhouse, one and one-half story, native limestone. Bogert Barn ca. 1824, rebuilt 1884. It was restored due to fire in later years.