Boston Tea Party

This list of 175 names was compiled from Boston Tea Party Chapter, Daughters of American Revolution; from the 1973 Boston Globe 200th Anniversary Boston Tea Party Special Section; and the book, Tea Leaves, published in 1884 in Boston by Francis S. Drake.

In the book, Bold Face indicates the individuals either known to be or probably buried in Copp's Hill Burying Ground. Rank after name indicates Revolutionary War Service. The number which follows is the page number in the Whitemore Book in Section B. Age is age when in Tea Party; MCMA indicates member of Massachusetts Charitable Mechanic Assn, Boston artisans and tradesmen of that day; Mason indicates membership in a Lodge of Freemasons; and then death date if available.

Francis Akeley (Eckley), only one imprisoned for Tea Party

Nathaniel Barber (Major), Tomb 28 Old Burial Ground (xiv) early revolutionary and soldier Mason, died 1787

Samuel Barnard (Maj.), died 1782 Henry Bass, early revolutionary, died 1813
Joseph Bassett (Cpt.), Tomb 65 (xv) Edward Bates
Adam Beals Jr Thomas Bolter (Cpt.), 38, died 1811
David Bradlee (Cpt.), 31, died 1811 Josiah Bradlee, 19, died 1798
Nathaniel Bradlee, 27, MCMA, died 1813 Thomas Bradlee
James Brewer (Cpt.), possibly Tomb 22 Old Ground, MCMA,
Mason, died 1805
John Brown (Cpt.), entry 1718, 27, died 1782
Seth Ingersoll Browne, 23, Bunker Hill, died 1809 Stephen Bruce, 356, Mason, died 1801
Benjamin Burton (Maj.), 24, died 1835 Nicholas Campbell, 41, died 1829
George Carleton Thomas Chase, early revolutionary, Mason
Nathaniel Child Benjamin Clark, Tomb 104, xvi, MCMA, died 1840, three sons may have been in Tea Party also
Jonathan Clark (Sgt.), possibly Tomb 77 (Dana and Clark) xv John Cochran, 24, died 1839
Gilbert Colesworthy, 29, died 1818 Gersham Collier, Mason, died 1825
Adam Collson, 35, early revolutionary, Mason, died 1798 James Foster Condy, died 1809
Daniel Coolidge Joseph Coolidge
Samuel Coolidge Samuel Cooper (LT), 18, died 1840
William Cox Thomas Crafts (Col.), 33, early revolutionary, died 1799
John Crane (Brig. Gen.), 29, early revolutionary, Mason, died 1805 Crockett
Obadiah Curtis Thomas Dana, Jr, possibly Tomb 77 (Dana & Clark)
Robert Davis (Maj.), 26, early revolutionary, Mason, died 1798 John DeCarteret
David Decker John Dickman
Edward Dolbeare, died 1796 Samuel Dolbeare
John Dyar, Jr Joseph Eaton (Cpt.)
Joseph Eayres Eckley (see Francis Akeley)
Benjamin Edes, possibly 482, 41, early revolutionary, died 1803 William Etheridge
Samuel Fenno, died 1806 Samuel Foster (Capt.), died 1778
Thomas Fracker, Entry 884 (Charter St tombs), died 1806 Nathaniel Frothingham Jr. (LT.), Entry 1738, Tomb 27, (Thomas Frothingham and others), Also possible 1837, Tomb 56; 27, died 1825
John Fulton, 40 John Gammell, revolutionary war soldier, died 1827
Eleazer Gay, possibly 1733, (Ebenezer Gay Tomb 21, 1819) Thomas Gerrish
Samuel Gore, probably Tomb 112 (1810), with brother Gov.
Christopher Gore; 22, MCMA, Mason, died 1831
Moses Grant, entry 1030, 30, MCMA, died 1817
Nathaniel Greene, early revolutionary, MCMA Timothy Guy
Samuel Hammond, 24, died 1842 Peter Harrington
William Haskins William Hendley, 25, Mason, died 1830
George Robert Twelves Hewes, 31, shoemaker, left diary of, Tea
Party, died 1840
John Hicks, 48, killed at Arlington by British retreating from Lexington-Concord, died April 19, 1775
Samuel Hobbs, 23, died 1823 John Hooton (Sgt.), possibly Tomb 15--Hooten and Watts Family Tomb (13), Evidence indicates the body may have been moved to Mt. Auburn, Cambridge
Elisha Horton Elijah Houghton
Samuel Howard (born Hayward), Tomb 120 Old Ground, 21, died 1797 Edward Compton Howe, 31, died 1821
Jonathan Hunnewell possibly Copp's Hill, 14, 1st president MCMA,
died 1842
Richard Hunnewell probably Copp's Hill Tomb, 36, Mason, MCMA, died 1805
Richard Hunnewell, Jr, possibly Copp's Hill, 16 Thomas Hunstable, 20, Mason
Abraham Hunt (Col.), 25, Valley Forge, died 1793 Daniel Ingersoll, 23, Mason, died 1829
Daniel Ingoldson Charles Jameson
Robert Jameson (Cpt.) Jared Joy
David Kinnison, (doubtful he was in Tea Party), died 1852 Robert Lash, probably because wife Johanna buried here (1114)
Amariah Learned Joseph Lee (Cpt.), 28, Mason, died 1831
Nathaniel Lee (Cpt.) Amos Lincoln (Lt. Col.), Tomb 7 (1805), Old Burial Ground (697), 20, Bunker Hill, married 2 daughters of Paul Revere, MCMA, Mason, died 1829
John Locke (Sgt.) Matthew Loring possibly Tomb 88, Loring Family Tomb 1806; 23, died 1829
Joseph Lovering, 15, MCMA, died 1848 Joseph Ludden (Sgt.)
David Lyon Thomas Machin (Cpt.), 29, Bunker Hill, Mason, died 1816
Ebenezer MacIntosh, 36, early revolutionary, died 1812 Peter McIntosh
Archibald MacNeil, 23, died 1840 John Marston (Bombadier), J. B. Marston Tomb, 1810,131
Martin, probably Wm. P., MCMA Thompson Maxwell (LT.), 31, Concord, Bunker Hill, died 1835
John May (Col.), 25, died 1812 Mead, probably John, probably Copp's Hill, Tomb 22 New Ground, MCMA
Henry Mellius Thomas Melville (Maj.), 22, early revolutionary Mason, MCMA, died 1832
Aaron John Miller (Dr.) James Mills
William Molineaux, 57, early revolutionary, died 1774 Francis Moore
Thomas Moore, 20, died 1813 Anthony Morse (LT.)
Joseph Mountfort (LT.), 23, MCMA, died 1838 Eliphalet Newell, 38, artillery officer, Mason
Joseph Nicholls (Cpt.) Samuel Nowell
Joseph Pearse Palmer (Major), Mason, died 1788 Jonathan Parker
Joseph Payson, 30 Samuel Peck, early revolutionary Mason
John Peters, 41, Lexington, Bunker Hill, died 1832 William Pierce, 29, barber, MCMA, died 1840
Isaac Pitman (Cpt.) Lendall Pitts, 26, early revolutionary, MCMA, died 1787
Samuel Pitts, 28, also early revolutionary Thomas Porter, died 1800
Henry Prentiss (Cpt.), 24, MCMA, Mason, died 1821 Nathaniel Prentiss, probably 1626, (N. S. Prentiss)
Rev. John Prince, 22, Mason, died 1836, later said he was a
witness and not a Tea Party participant
Edward Procter (Col.), 40, early revolutionary Mason, died 1811
Henry Purkitt (Col.), 18, MCMA, Mason, died 1846 Seth Putnam
John Randall Joseph Reed (Cpt.)
Paul Revere (Col.), 38, early revolutionary, MCMA founder,
Mason, died 1818
Benjamin Rice (Cpt.)
Jonathan Dorby Robins Joseph Roby
John Russell, MCMA, Mason, died 1778 William Russell (Sgt.-Maj.), 25, Mason, died 1784
John Sawtelle George Sayward
Edmund Sears (Cpt.) Robert Sessions (LT.), 21, died 1836
Joseph Shed, 41, died 1812 Benjamin Simpson, soldier, died 1849
Peter Slater, Jr. (Cpt.), 14, died 1831 Samuel Sloper
Ephriam Smith Josiah Snelling, Tomb 31 (1803)(xiv,1681), MCMA, died 1873
Thomas Spear, died 1789 Samuel Sprague (Sgt.),19, MCMA, died 1844
John Spurr (Maj.), 25, died 1822 James Starr, 32, died 1831
Phineas Stearns (Cpt.)32, Lexington Dorchester Hts., died 1798 Ebeneezer Stevens (Gen.), 22, Revolution + War of 1812, died 1823
James Stoddard Elisha Story (Dr.), 30, Lexington, Bunker Hill, died 1805
James Swan (Col.), 19, Bunker Hill Mason, died 1831 Abraham Tower (Sgt.)
Bartholomew Trow (Cpt.) John Truman, xvi, Tomb 118 Old Ground
Benjamin Tucker Jr Thomas Urann (Cpt.), Mason, died 1791
James Watson (Cpt.) Henry Wells (Cpt.), Mason
Thomas Wells, probably Tomb 18, 26, Tea Party evidence at Old South
Meeting House died 1810
Josiah Wheeler (Cpt.), 30, Dorchester Hts., died 1817
John Whitehead (LT.) David Williams
Isaac Williams Jeremiah Williams
Thomas Williams (Sgt.), 19, Lexington, died 1817 Nathaniel Willis, 18, MCMA, died 1831
Joshua Wyeth, 16, Revolutionary soldier, died after 1827 Thomas Young (Dr.),41, early revolutionary, Army svc., died 1777
NOTE: Introductory information was taken from discussions 2 October, 1998, with Albert F. Young of Oak Park, IL, senior research fellow at The Newberry Library, Chicago, and author of the upcoming books, The Shoemaker and the Tea Party and Masquerade: The Adventures of Deborah Sampson Gannett in the American Revolution.