Turner Plus 2 Desk


This is the Turner +2 desk microphone.  It features a ceramic cartridge and 2 transistor (one transistor in the newest models) preamp, which is powered by a 9V battery. This mike was very popular with the local group early on, before the Astatic D-104 eventually became the mic of choice for those wishing to be "loud and proud".  The +2 had a fairly crisp audio response and it could "wake up" some of those old radios which were "modulation challenged". My first +2 mike came with my Lafayette Comstat 25. Due to the very bassy, and somewhat muffled audio characteristics of the radio, this mic did not sound all that well with it. I soon traded it to another CB'er for a D-104, which was a better match for the Comstat's audio characteristics. My second +2 came with the Midland 13-885. This radio worked well with this mic. The current mike pictured (My third), came as part of an equipment horse trade.