"100 code"                           


This is yet another code which I was given 30 years ago by Blue Bandit, and who's origin I can not positively determine. It was arranged as a sort of "memo" written for "F.C.C." field officers to use in lieu of the racy language associated with it. I doubt if this was ever an "official" F.C.C. document, but rather a cleverly manufactured "joke", in the same vein as the many E-Mail jokes that are rampantly circulated today.  Regardless of the code's origin or intention however, many of these codes saw a fair bit of use among our early channel groups. The language in these codes is pretty foul, so read at your own risk.

This is the original wording of the document along with the codes they reference:

All Engineers in charge,

It has been brought to the attention of the commisioner (sic) that there has been excessive use of foul language by field engineers and agents in the exchange of normal verbal intercourse with relation to various routine activities. It is therefore the decision of the commisioner (sic) that in order to alleviate this horrendous situation and at the same time not to interfere with the individual freedom and originality, the following code numbers shall be used in lieu of the catchy phases listed beside each of the code numbers.


101.    You've got to be shitting me.                    125.    Don't get f*cking wise.

102.    Get off my f*cking back.                        126.    I don't give a f*ck.

103.    Beats the shit out of me.                          127.    Pardon me, you've obviously mistaken me for someone who really gives a shit.

104.    What the f*ck?                                       128.    I didn't design the f*cking thing, I just install the mother f*cker.

105.    It's so f*cking bad, I can't believe it.     129.    Your ass sucks wind.

106.    I hate this f*cking place.                         130.    It won't f*cking work.

107.    This place sucks.                                      131.    Oh, go pound salt in your ass.

108.    F*ck you very much.                                 132.    Eat me.

109.    Lovely, simply f*cking lovely.                    133.    Shut your f*cking mouth.

110.    That goddamn prick.                                  134.    Shit head.

111.     Beautiful, simply f*cking beautiful.          135.    It's not worth a f*ck.

112.    F*ck, shit, piss.                                         136.    That really pisses me off.

113.    Hair pie, fur burgers.                                137.    You f*cking smart ass.

114.    I just got f*cked.                                      138.    You no good, miserable, cocksucking, mother-f*cking, half-witted queer.

115.    Big f*cking deal.                                       139.    Yea, a happy f*cking day to you too.

116.    Hang it in your f*cking ear.                       140.    Suck a bottle, you weird bastard.

117.    Get Bent.                                                    141.    You eat shit, and bark at the moon.

118.    I don't give a shit.                                      142.    Up your snatch bitch.   

119.    You've got f*cking balls.                            143.    Screw yourself bitch.

120.    Merry f*cking Christmas                            144.    Happy birthday you mother-f*cker.

121.    F*ck it, just f*ck it.                                 

122.    Hot shit.

123.    Bitching.

124.    Tell it to someone who gives a shit.   


                                                            145.  It is obvious to the most casual observer that you are completely, unequivocally f*cking ignorant.

                                                            146.   Suck my dick, you f*cking polock.


This completes the list that has been deemed as necessary to meet the requirements of our engineers and representatives to date. Any additions to this list may be submitted to the head of the F.C.C.

Thank you.