"11 Code"                       


The time was 1974, and our Channel 11 group was up and coming. For the first time, our signals were able to escape the boundaries of our small suburban neighborhood.  While this enabled us to make many new friends, we were also becoming exposed to increasing incidents of troublemakers, occasional agitation, and personality clashes with rival groups.  Being somewhat paranoid of the F.C.C. and of rival channel groups listening in as well, the 11-code was created to address those little necessities that we had to deal with, but the true meaning of which we did not wish to directly reveal over the air.  We chose the name "11-code" simply because Channel 11 was our home channel at the time. It was comical to listen to outsiders try to figure out what the codes meant.


11-1      Give me a landline.

11-2     I am giving you a landline.

11-3     Go to channel ___.

11-4     I'm getting bleed over.

11-5     He's full of shit.

11-6     I'm going to channel ___.

11-7     Someone is throwing a carrier.

11-8     Some walkie-talkies are bothering me.

11-9     Ignore those walkie-talkies.

11-10    He is at his base.

11-12    He's mobile.

11-13    Ignore him.

11-14    Don't tell him.

11-15    ______ is going to get stepped on.

11-16    Give him some B.S. story.

11-17    Step on ______

11-18    Let's go to channel 2 to bleed over channel 3.

11-19    Zipper has his linear on again.

11-20   That damn Zipper is bleeding me over.

11-21    Give _____'s landline to me backwards.

11-22    Give _____'s landline, address, name etc. over the air.

11-23    He's mobile in front of my house.

11-24    Come to my location.

11-25    He's in my house.

11-26    I'm in ______'s base/mobile.

11-27    I'm coming to your location.

11-28    He is trying to B.S. you.

11-29    The F.C.C.

11-30     Give ______'s landline to me in letter form. (1=A, 2=B, 3=C, 4=D, 5=E, 6=F, 7=G, 8=H, 9=I, 0=J)