"13 code"                           


Here is another code which I can't take the credit for developing. This code once appeared in an issue of "S9" Magazine, one of the better magazines catering to the CB hobby. They really had a great sense of humor.


13-1    All units can copy you and think you're an idiot.

13-2    Yes, I can copy you, but I'm ignoring you.

13-3    You're beautiful when you're angry!

13-4    Sorry 'bout that, big fella.

13-5    Same to you Mac!

13-6    Ok, so I goofed.  None of us are human.

13-7    If you can't copy me, it must be your fault, because I'm running 3000 watts.

13-20    Is your mike clinking, or are your uppers loose again?

13-21    Good grief! Are you being paid by the word?

13-22    Lady, is that your voice or did you install a steam whistle?

13-23    If you'd had spoken for another 30 seconds, you would have been eligible for a broadcast station license.

13-24    Y' know, you made more sense last time when you were smashed.

13-25    Some of the local operators and I have chipped in to purchase your rig from you. Have you considered stamp collecting?

13-26    Next time you eat garlic, would you talk further from the mike.

13-40    Your signal sounds great, now shut off the set and give me a landline so I can find out what you want.

13-41    Either my receiver is out of alignment or you're on channel 28. (ed: This was obviously made before 40 channel radios became legal)

13-42    Either my speaker cone is ripped or you'd better try it again when you sober up a little.

13-43    That was a beautiful 10 minute transmission. Now try it again with the mike connected.

13-44    I love the way your new rig sounds. Now I know why the manufacturer discontinued that model so fast.

13-45    Your transmitter must have a short circuit, because there's smoke coming from my speaker.

13-46    That's a new antenna? I could get a better signal out of a 6 inch piece of damp string.

13-47    What a fantastic signal!  Now give me a few minutes to bring the mobile unit to your driveway so that I can copy your message.