"2 code"                           


After our first successful code creation, in the form of the 11 code, our creative juices started flowing again, and the 2-code was the result. This code was created a year or so later after we moved to Channel 10 sometime in 1975.  Since we were now on Channel 10, and there was already a "10-code", we couldn't use that name, so we picked the number "2" as it was our second code. This code is a little more abrasive in the use of language, which was reflective of the growing idiot problem, and increasing feuds with other channel groups. The irony here, which must have escaped us at the time, was that anyone who didn't know the code, wouldn't know the insult which was being hurled at them in code form. I guess it was more for our own entertainment.


2-1    You eat shit.

2-2    You are gay.

2-3    Go stick your mike up your ass.

2-4    Go blow your finals out.

2-5    Your modulation sounds like you're eating garbage.

2-6    ______ is going to get their coax cut.

2-7    Get bent.

2-8    Your set sounds like you dropped it.

2-9    He has to be the most stupid ass on the channel.

2-10   Give that guy some B.S. story.

2-11    It's one of those idiots from Channel 3, 15, or 18.

2-12    Zipper is being a pain again.

2-13    Let's bug Zipper.

2-14    Let's tear up Channel 15.

2-15    Let's tear up Channel 3.

2-16    This channel is going to get some "slideband"*.

2-17    That set has lousy ears.

2-18    Go kiss the west end of an eastbound horse.

2-19    Blue Dragon is at it again.

2-20    It's field strength time again.

2-21    His antenna is going to get ripped down.

2-22    Channel 18 is looking for trouble.

2-23    Let's bust Channel 18's shoes.

2-24    Frogman is playing stool pigeon.

2-25    Wildcat is mobile in East Norriton.

2-26    Let's go down to Wildcat's location.


*"Slideband" was a jamming technique where one would throw a dead carrier while rapidly varying a variable frequency device (An open clarifier or VFO) back and forth across the channel and heterodyning with other stations, creating a sweeping tone. .