Vintage CB Recordings



Here are some audio clips which were taken from actual CB conversations.  Most of them involve some sort of conflict, a potentially embarrassing moment, or something humorous.  It's a shame that I don't have more of these clips, as these captured the true essence of what CB radio was all about back in the day. These clips are arranged in chronological order. Thanks to Art, for allowing me to put these relatively large files on his server. 


Vintage CB recordings from around 1973 to 1979:


The "FCC" Visits

Steve vs. Jimmy

Steve Pontificates

No Squatters on Channel 10

Storm Queen Rants About Bleed Over

A Gay Day on Channel 6

LIM Tweaks Gumshoe

Iron Duke on Dating

Iron Duke Tries to Score

Fury Hits on Black Magic

Invader Visits Earth

Uncle Albert Fights For His Woman

Uncle Albert Consumed by Jealousy

Father John's Workshop

Channel 13's War

Beware of the Sandbaggers

Fun on Channels 13 and 23

Comedy Bits


Recordings from present day CB:

Firestarter Loses his Cool

Radio Wars (Formerly: The Greater Pottstown Spank-Off)

Radio Wars, Episode 2: Two Watt Strikes Back