The Place: The recording studios of Spew Radio Inc..

The Time: Summer of 1979

Channel: None

Recorded With: A Sears cassette recorder from a turntable, 8-track player, and microphone.





"Big Mike": A member of the group of people from Channel 12.  Was a frequent complainer about adjacent channel bleedover from our group on Channel 13.


Background: "Big Mike" (who's real name is Ray, go figure) was a constant irritant to the folks on Channel 13.  Big Mike was an engineer by trade, and he took a very condescending attitude with regard to our usage of radio, and the things that we did to "enhance" the performance of our radios. His attitude and persistence earned his place on our list of people to parody. Ironically, 20 years later Big Mike would end up employed at the same company that I worked for. I don't think he remembered me from those old CB days.  Before I had the chance to bring up the subject, he was laid off in a big downsizing effort.




Big Mike's Radio Repair Technical School  Approx 1 min 36 sec, in mp3 format.