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Your one stop for boating madness. Some of the people I know wonder why I would get involved with something like a boat. They say that a boat is little more than a large hole in the water which you throw money into. Well, that may be true to some extent, but a boat also gives you opportunities to do things that you might not ever do otherwise. Like getting caught in impromptu thunderstorms, while huddling under a hastily rigged tarp. Or flying through the air like superman for about 5 seconds, after being ejected from a fast moving tube, or being able to see the night sky without all of the light pollution from land based structures. Yes, a boat may require a bit of maintenance, and they have been known to break down at the most inopportune times. But, like any other recreational activity, what you get out of it, is directly proportional to what you put in.....


      History        - My chronicle of boating activities throughout the years.

Picture Gallery  Pictures of my various boats and other related boating stuff.

Boating Stories  - Everyone who has ever owned a boat, has a few stories to tell. Here are mine.

Boating  Places  - A collection of those favorite places to enjoy my favorite passtime.

      Video  -       A video collection of some of our more noteworthy activities.




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