Boating Stories                  


Everyone who's ever had a boat for any length of time has at least one good story to tell.  Some are true, some are a little hard to believe. Well here are mine.  I will say that the facts are all mostly true, but I won't deny a little creative embellishing on occasion, if it makes for a better story.....

Sidewinder Shenanigans

A Night Cruise in a Rubber Raft.

Alien Abduction?

Labor Day 1982

Dave dumps battery, sneakers into the drink.

Art vs. the Sandbar

The "Evil" Jetboat

Boating 2003

Boating 2004

Boating 2005

Boating 2006

Art's Boat Finally Meets Water.

Boating 2007

Boating 2008

Boating 2009

Boating 2010

Boating 2011

Boating 2012

Boating 2013

Boating 2014