The Place: The recording studios of Spew Radio Inc..

The Time: Summer of 1979

Channel: None

Recorded With: A Sears cassette recorder from a turntable, 8-track player and microphone.




Bob: (AKA "Riddler"), a local resident of King Of Prussia Pa., and member of Channel 2, and a part time associate of Channel 13. Bob was one of those guys who fancied himself as a "lady's man", and indeed, he did manage to pull that role off fairly well on the CB, where his relative anonymity allowed him to loosen up his inhibitions, and he could lay on the charm like a master.  But in person, Bob was super shy to the point of actually putting a bag over his head when he was cornered by one young lady who desperately wanted to meet him face to face.


Lynn: Another resident of King Of Prussia, and frequent visitor to both Channel 2 and 13.  Lynn was a fairly attractive young lady who was also a bit on the "stuck up" side.  She wouldn't give most of us the time of day. Yet she somehow fell under the spell of Bob's smooth talking.



Background: So what do you get when you mix someone with a made up persona, together with another with unrealistically high standards? Well, in this case, you have two people who, over the radio, projected the image of two people desperately wanting to "hook up", but who kept missing the boat for one reason or another.  Bob would make "dates" and then fail to show up, even going as far as to hide in wait to see when Lynn would show up, so he could see her, without her seeing him.  Lynn, for her part, would outwardly play down her interest in Bob, but never seemed to pass up any opportunity to show up at some event when he was supposed to be there. This whole situation was comical from an outsider's perspective, and true to form, we just couldn't let it go without lampooning it.


Bob and Lynn  Approx 1 minute 50 sec, in mp3 format.