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This section is a tribute to my CB radio memories and experiences, which span from the early 1970's, thru the late 1990's, in Norristown Pa, a suburb of Philadelphia typical of many smaller cities and suburban communities around the country. Here, you will find lists of equipment, biographies of people, local logistics, and anecdotal accounts of several of the activities that we all partook in during those years. So set the controls on your "way-back" machine and prepare to relive a period of time and a popular activity which was enjoyed by millions of people, but has been buried among the other novelties of the time, like disco, the pet rock, and lava lights, and largely forgotten by all but a few die hard radio enthusiasts. In many ways, CB radio was as much a window into our own culture as it was a hobby.


Warning! I will not be held responsible for the consequences of any nostalgic feelings which may be stirred up as a result of reading this site. Any injuries, marital issues, financial dire straits, etc. incurred as a result of digging out those old radios and trying to recapture your youth, you assume at your own risk. Also, any similarity of the people mentioned here to other persons living or dead is purely coincidental, unless you happen to be someone who is featured here. If so, drop me a note and say hello!



        Intro        -- Why this site is here.

   CB History   --  A brief history of the how and why of CB radio.

      The 70's      --  A brief summary of the events which defined the decade.

    Local Area   --  Some background on the local area.

    Equipment   --  A showcase of the equipment which was popular in my area.

        People      -- A sort of "Rogues Gallery" of who was who back in the day.

       Pictures      -- They say a picture is worth a thousand words..... You decide.

        Clubs        -- Radio related groups that I had the pleasure of being a part of.

      Editorial       --  My own personal soap box for all things CB related.

Codes & Jargon --  Locally created codes and informal jargon which went beyond what was addressed in the "official" 10-code.

    Audio Clips     -- Actual recordings of on-air CB antics.

 Insane Projects  -- Radio inspired projects, which were a little off-the-wall.

     CB Stories      --  Humorous, or otherwise interesting stories about activities on CB radio.

CB Tech Tricks   --  Tech tricks and gadgets that were popular in days long past.

Other Radio Sites  --  Web sites by other people who are also hopelessly nostalgic.






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